Final Score! Jen-1 Pet Gate-0

My youngest is 5 (almost 6 he reminds me everyday)
You would think baby gates were a done deal in the Marrs House...
When you have a Buster Dog who is 13, well...the Baby Pet Gate needs to go back up.
Why? Well the Old Man is slowly losing the pep in his step!

For those of you who don't know Buster. Let me introduce you to our boy.
-We bought him for $50 bucks off of some farm on Scott Road
-We were told he is a Boxer/Lab Mix
-He doesn't fetch
-He loves to be pet
-He is amazing with the boys and all kids
-He is my husband's shadow
-He is very loyal to us
-My grandma hates dogs, but she used to tell me she would take Buster anytime, he was the 1 exception..
He is just that sweet!


So we had a baby gate from Derek that we put up on the stairs to block Old Man from going up:

Check that Beauty Out. (GAG)
And yes we climbed over that guy 112 times a day... super safe right? ;)

So Since our Old Man is still going strong, we needed a more permanent solution for this.
Boy are there a lot of Gates out there! After searching I ended up going with this one from Overstock

I went with the Black Color and LOVE IT!

I will spare you with how long it took me to hang this gate- 6 Easy steps - HA! 
But the hard worked paid off because it looks so much nicer than that wooden/white one!

OH-- And I Scored some Burnt Orange Totes....with the Tags still on at a Garage Sale!
1$ Each!

This is the perfect solution for items that need to GO UP and be put away!

With some scrapbook paper and computer printed names, In it slid looking pretty slick!

So there you have it! 
My new and improved Pet Gate Solution along with some Totes for the Boys Junk! :)

I will be Linking up here!

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  1. I love your new gate. So much easier than jumping over the old one! Great idea with the baskets. "Kids...take this junk to your room!" *hand them the basket
    Love IT!

    1. Oh yea...and it's Maureen D that just commented!

  2. The gate looks awesome! And we should go garage hopping sometime!!!! Love it!

  3. Oh my goodness! Buster makes my heart melt. What a sweetie! Love that gate! So much nicer and more practical than the wood ones. May have to look into getting one for our wonder pup, Max! Love the baskets too! As good of a score as the ones I found for my closet redo!

  4. Looks great!! And I love how each boy has their OWN tote for their OWN stuff... when we had stairs I felt like I was the only one who ever brought anything back upstairs!
    Laurie :)

  5. Oh, Buster! What a sweet boy! I've been working on a project/post about our pup today. :) The new gate looks great! I love it when things are functional and attractive! :)

  6. I love the new gate! Great find! Your Buster reminds me of my childhood dog named Buster he was soo sweet!

  7. OH my goodness, he is adorable!! I want to cuddle with Buster so bad! What a lucky family you are to have him!

  8. I LOVE Buster....he's awesome! A dog definitely makes a family!

  9. Yahoo for mama! You rock! Love the black and the pop of color with the boys bins- looks fanastic!
    Jen @ F5

  10. kids and dogs just seems so right! fun pics!

  11. OKay toots-- don't forget to link it up with me!! I love your find-- we had gates for our dog at our old house and I hated them too.. and now we have them for the kids going up and down the stairs. I love the idea of having each kid's name on the tote box! I am so tired of having kid shoes thrown around the house and having to hunt for them-- so let me know when you solve that problem!! :) hugs!! I think Buster is cute!!! I am in the market for another dog-- for my hubs... he wants either a Bull Mastiff or a Great Dane... we're leaning towards the Mastiff.

  12. Love it! I always hated having our baby gate up. We took it down as soon as Riley was making it down the stairs on her own. I love the baskets by the way. Thanks for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays at The NY Melrose Family.

  13. Buster... such a sweet doggie! I think that is the prettiest pet gate I have ever seen! I need those crates for my rascals, but on rollers so the kids can roll them right into their rooms! Thanks so much for sharing at our Uncommonly Yours link party! Hope to see you next week!

    Take care,


  14. oh my gosh, I so need bins like that! One for hubby too! What a great idea; I HATE it when stuff piles up at the bottom/top of the stairs. Grr. I'm glad I'm not the only one that happens to! Thanks for linkin' up!

  15. Your Buster Dog looks so sweet! And the pet gate looks great, nice job! I really like your totes, I really need to implement something like that at my house. Does it really help them pick up their stuff? (please say yes, please say yes, I need a miracle!)

  16. What a great transformation! I love bins and the black gate works perfectly into the decor. Adorable doggie.

  17. oooOoOo... What a big difference! Your black gate looks so fancy with those burnt orange baskets! I love it!

  18. Check out the new blog header!! So jealous, you need to teach our ol girl some tricks!!
    LOVE IT!! And you look amazing!

  19. love the new gate and the bins. i tried a gate, but my dog could jump it. and he was only 4.5 months old!


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