Countdown....it's Hunger Games Time!

Let the COUNTDOWN begin!

I am loving all the Hunger Game Hype out there! 
Thank you to these wonderful creative Bloggers for their awesome Ideas and Free Printables!

~Here are my TOP 5~

Awesome Party Printables from Living Locurto

Sweet Printables over at Tattered And Inked

Get in my Belly Cupcakes from Lady Cupcake's Corner 
Featured on Rae Gun Ramblings  by Funky Polkadot Giraffe

Love note printable from Creative Party Buzz

And just for kicks....:)  from Nickinverted Etsy Shop

My friend and I are taking our teenage boys out for this Hot Date!
 We are super excited...so excited that we will be buying POPCORN (I never buy popcorn) 
but will still be sneaking in candy and drinks!  

Who will be sitting next to you at this Movie? Will you be buying Popcorn?


  1. I am ready. Not pregnant, so I think I can make it through without sobbing (i.e. Harry Potter 7 part 2).

  2. Not just any popcorn, but we are going for the BIG BUCKET of popcorn (those come with free refills). Hee hee! I can't wait!!!!!!

  3. Im' SO excited- can't wait!!!! I love all your Hunger Games eye candy :) Thanks for including my printable!!!!

  4. Okay my girl... I know I am an out-of-touch mom, but what is the hype about? I am not understanding all these posts lately about this thing Hunger Games?

  5. i wish i could go with you!! i can't wait for it too come out. i will not buy popcorn, but i will sneak in candy! lol

  6. I LOVE all of these!! Seriously, I've been waiting YEARS for this movie!! Woot woot! Let the games begin!!


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