Stop the Clock

My lil D.
Will be leaving this mama bear in less then 6 months.
Kindergarten. (boo) ;)

I am really having a hard time with this one. He is my last boy, my baby...and as I am excited for him, it makes me sad. Sad to see him grow so fast and sad that I will be missing my little partner during the day.

Derek loves snuggling with me in bed.. and I LOVE it! All snugged up to me, he reaches over for my hand, and holds it oh so tight! This makes him smile and melts my heart. I love this lil booger!

Here To Stay
© Crystal K. Acerrio
Our children are here to stay
But our babies are not, I'm sorry to say
They grow and learn everyday
In the most remarkable and intriguing way

We watch and admire our babies so young
Hoping someday they will go to be strong
Wisdom and integrity are a hopeful thought too
Their brilliance is amazing that much is true

Now they are in school and you don't know what to do
The house is so unnaturally quite and subdued
You try to keep busy, a hobby of some sort
But it doesn't quite fill the missing sound of children playing of course

Off to college and all grown up, how could this be?
Just yesterday it seemed they were three
You can't wait to watch them grow
Then the day comes when you watch them go

Cherish the little moments so tender and sweet
They grow so quickly you can barely speak
But remember this, as I reassure you with a tear in my eye
Babies are your children and your children will never say 'Good Bye'

As you watch a Great Great Grandmother holding that lil' one
You are astonished by the miracle that's been done

-Crystal Kaylynn Acerrio

It amazes me how fast the time is ticking by. 

It makes me cherish every little moment with my little guys. 


  1. This makes me cry, my little man is about to turn two....and I just can't believe it. I want him to stay little forever....I don't know what I'll do when he goes off to school.

  2. Time does fly so fast. It makes my heart ache.

  3. Wahhh.. My Abby is 4 and will too be going to school in the fall.. She is SO excited and I am SO not. Well, I am excited for her. To make new friends and to learn.. But I am going to miss her more than words can say. I will still have Lauren at home for one more year. But it won't be the same without Abby during the day. I think Lauren might cry more than I do on that first day.. Abby is her best friend. :(

  4. Aaaw. What a sweet post, Jen. I can totally relate. I wish we could just bottle them up and keep them little forever. Thanks for sharing the poem, it's wonderful.


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