MIA-blame it on the MAC

Holy Guacamole! I am beyond thrilled to have my hands on one of these guys.. but man oh man there so many FUN little doo-dads to learn and set up! Let's just say, I am going off of Coffee and Pringles. Fluffing a lot of laundry, and dang it... only 45 mins. till these boys are home! Where did my day go!? 
I blame it on him:


This little booger! 

So there you have it. I got nothing for ya. No crafts--nothing. Because this man is taking up my life this week! I have to get him all dialed in... that is where you come in. Any tricks? Software Must Haves... or that you like? I love the Top Site Feature thingymajig! 

And lastly, thanks again for all the Love this weekend! Featured on Tatertots and Jello  & Clean and Scentsible! You ladies made my weekend!


  1. Oh I'm so jealous :) Totally want one of those! I don't blame you, I'd be MIA for like a week, LOL!

  2. I would be MIA too! I nominated you for an award: http://www.serendipityandspice.com/2012/02/liebster-blog.html

  3. this is what i got for Christmas too...I set a time limit..otherwise I get lost in a different world!!
    wishing you a happy productive week!!!

  4. lucky girl indeed! such a beautiful beautiful thing ha!
    come check out my Color Issue blog...I think youd really enjoy it!


  5. Hey Girl, hope you are good! I just posted you on my blog for thr Liebster award!

  6. so glad you're following along over at Color Issue...I always love great readers like you!

  7. OMG How exciting!!! I just got one too and didn't blog for a whole week! {including crafts and other nonsense as well} Too funny. I just found your blog after clicking through the Liebster Award trail...back... (haha if that makes sense) I really like your blog! I'm your newest follower :) Can't wait to explore more!
    Stay crafty x0x0

  8. How fun!! I'm a little jealous. The husband and I were talking about how our next computer will be one like that ... ah ... someday! ENJOY!!


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