Glow Stick Valentines

I saw this cute Valentine idea on Pinterest from

Can't beat a pack of 12 glow sticks(that every kid loves) from Target for a BUCK + a cute printable!
So..needless to say, Mason is home sick today so we busted these guys out!

They took about 30 minutes to make.
You ready?

What you need:
Glow Sticks
Scrapbook paper
Glue Stick
Hole Puncher
Valentine Printable (CLICK HERE)

Start cutting out the printed hearts and then hearts from the scrapbook paper.

Have your Cutie-pa-tootie glue those suckers on!

Let's keep rolling!

Grab a glow stick, ribbon and heart- and tie!

WARNING: These glow sticks Crack Easy--I lost 4! 
Eeek-- the boys were happy, and ran into the closet to sword fight, with Bracelets? humm. 
Why does this not surprise me. :)

Easy and Cute- My kind of Craft!

So there you go!
"You make my Heart Glow"

(Of course I will be linking up here)

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  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Super cute! It's so fun making their Valentine's isn't it? I just did my girls' last night and I'm in love! :) You did a great job on yours. :)

  3. Love it!! Thanks for making a free printable for us too! ;o) Just pinned this!! xo, Reannah

  4. Oh they're so cute! I love little kid handwriting so much! Hope he's feeling better!

  5. What a fun idea!! Who doesn't love a glowstick? Thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays!

  6. What a GREAT IDEA! I'm doing this next year!!!! And Thanks for linking up to Six Sister's Stuff! Hope to see you back next Saturday!
    -The Sisters

  7. Cute cute!! You rocked it...I'm all glowy!


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