Funky Tooth Pillow

I have seen this little guy floating around in the Pinterest World and fell in love.

I had to make one for my boys

So waking up to rain...what a perfect day to get my sew on-right!? 
 I threw on some jeans, baggy sweatshirt, sneakers and hat ..only the best for Hobby Lobby!

Pillow all done, I really think this "thing" needs a name. I asked Derek my five year old to name him:

So...... Ladies and Gentleman, I proudly present...the one and only...

"Derek"  :)
(our tooth pillow)

Isn't "Derek" so Fun!  A big thanks to The Long Thread for the amazing step by step tutorial. I did however make my pillow 10" by 10" (in the tutorial it calls for 6" by 6") I just wanted mine a tad bit bigger. Also I just funked it out a little more--have fun with it!

The boys are really excited to have a special place to put their tooth!
 I am so happy I finally made this!
Tooth Pillow

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  1. This is so cute! :) Motivates me to do the pillows for the girl's room ... lol, maybe in Feb!

  2. That is fantastic!! I really want to make one of those as soon as my son is old enough to start losing his teeth! Would you consider linking it here?


  3. I'll be sharing this tonight at my Sunday Spotlight!

  4. Cute. Love your site. We were 7 venus and 1 marrs!! Thanks for linking up with "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." We loved having you and hope you'll be back next Saturday to share more terrific ideas! -The Sisters

  5. So cute! You did a great job! Thanks for sending me the link. My kids have what they call "whop-i-kins" which a lady at church sewed for them. They are just pillow dolls that they took markers and created faces and took clothes and put it on them. They love them.

  6. Very cute! Just stopping by from CSI.

  7. Visiting from the CSI Project! This turned out really great! And I love your blog name, so clever. :)

  8. With a couple of additional arms and some body parts, this will look more like a stuffed toy. Haha! I want to make one for my cute niece, even if she doesn't have any tooth problems! Now, which Derek is lucky enough to get the dollar bill for that tooth? LOL!

  9. That is the cutest! I recently "got caught" delivering a dollar. This would have been a good idea....


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