Lemon Bars

I love to wash in lemon, eat lemon, spray lemon, grow lemon..it is just the best smell/taste ever! My friend Toni kept telling me about these Lemon Bars. She would eat them all the time, especially when her husbands Brother and Wife would come and visit them. I finally decided to see what all the hype was about, and asked for the darn recipe. And there it was, just waiting in my inbox:

The first time making these, I was so excited that I just saw the 1 in the recipe in regards to the butter, and I only put 1 stick in! It was still so delish.. I could only then imagine how yummy it was going to be when I put 2 sticks in! Mo Butta-Mo Betta in my book! These are so simple to make, and you will WOW your friends and neighbors in the scrumptiousness of them-I promise!

Here we go:

First off, grab all your ingredients!

Pre-Heat your oven to 350 and soften your 2 sticks of butter:

Dump your butter, 1/2 C Sugar, 2 C Flour in mixer:

Mix that up until it is all nice and in a dough ball....
(This is where I should have watched my 5 year old a little better....boy did he want to mix it up fast!)

Next press your dough in a 9 x 13 pan, bake for 15-18 mins.

While that is baking, now lets whip up the filling!
(I clean out the bowl and change my attachment to the wisk)

Crack your eggs in the bowl and wisk them well.

Add 1 1/2 C Sugar, 1/4 C Flour and mix well

Next grab your lemons and zest them! (Love the way my hands smell after zesting!!)

Take those lemons you just finished zesting over the mixture, and juice those babies!

Pour your lemon juice in your bowl and mix away! Your crust should almost be done now!

BEEP BEEP-Your crust is done! Take it out and pour your filling in

Now bake for 20 mins. and Bam it should be firm and done! (If filling is still jiggling after the 20 mins. then keep adding mins. and checking it)

Let cool for 5 mins. before sprinkling on some powder sugar

Now cut a HUGE piece and enjoy while watching your favorite show!
(Mine is going to be The Bachelor tonight, I need to catch up) Yum!!

Thank you again to Toni and her Sister-In-Law for passing on this great Lemon Bar recipe! Enjoy!

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  1. Yumm! I love lemon bars. I'm going to have to try this recipe.

  2. These look yummmy! Thanks for sharing!

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  3. Your so welcome, and thanks for checking them out!

  4. I LOVE anything lemon too, and I have a lemon tree in my backyard now... wahoo!! Thanks for the recipe- looks delicious :)

  5. You will Love these Laurie! They really are the best ever- and for breakfast with a hot cup of joe! yum!

  6. I adore anything lemon! Now I'm totally craving this! And, more butter is always a good thing! Thanks so much for linking up to my party!

  7. Natalie, Thank YOU for having the Link Party! I loved all the ideas that were flowing around at your party! At let me just say- you make these once, you will want to make them every dang week they are that good! Enjoy!


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