Grouping your Home in Baskets

Alright, before I start with a couple of ideas that I do around my home to make my life smooth sailing.... I just have to blurt out that.... are you ready? Because let me tell you, I am still in shock myself! My last post about how to make a felt valentines day garland was featured yesterday on The Biggest Crafty Link Blog Ever! You don't believe me? (I wouldn't either) but check it out for yourself (Click Here)
A HUGE thank you to Tatertots and Jello (love that name!)for featuring my post, what a way to start off my new adventure!

OK- So now we can get on with the goods! One thing about me you should know is I am a sucker for baskets! I think they are a cute/functional way to keep your stuff organized. Without further delay, here are some ways I use my "baskets, tupperware, whatever you got" in my home:

We LOVE Chips! So much that I would find the boys just grabbing them, opening them and start chowing down. And then, Poof-chips are gone in a matter of minutes. So... my solution was to keep them up on top of the refrigerator in a cute basket and now they have to ask for the chips. The chips last so much longer in my house now! AhhHaa-Tricky Mom!

Snacks!Snacks!Snacks! The things my kids literally Live On! I don't have much cabinets space, so I found using this tupperware container to hold  all the snacks to be a great space saver! Also, all the snacks are in one spot, and your boxes are out in your recycle bin rather then hanging in your cabinets! And let me hear it.. how many times have you grabbed an EMPTY box--are my kids/husband the only one that does that!?! I didn't think so! ;) So you now can peek in your "snack tray" and see what you need to add to your grocery list!

Using a basket under your kitchen sink is a fantastic way to keep all your cleaners, sponges, trash bags, dust rags, etc. all in one place! Again, you have the ease of just seeing what you might be out of so you quickly add them to that grocery list. 

This is probably my favorite! Not my favorite Chore, but my favorite grouping. This little basket makes my life so much easier it is not even funny. I keep it out in the garage and when that yucky chore has to be tackled, I grab my basket and off I go.(Usually stomping my feet...just kidding...or am I? ) Everything for cleaning that bathroom is in one place. I don't have to run around the house, searching for the windex that was last used to wash cars and now sitting in the garage! So if you like to save time, create a "bathroom basket" I promise you will love it! 

So there you go, a couple of ideas to make your home/life a little easier and organized hope you enjoyed!

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  1. I am totally a "basket girl" too! Doesn't it make life so much easier? I even keep all my hats in a little basket by my bedroom door, for those days when I have to grab a hat and go! :)

  2. Ok, now your talkin' ..I need a basket for my hats!!:) I have lots and lots of "hat" days!

  3. I have a basket in our "Coat closet" for the seasonal things you need to grab and go. Warm seasons: sunscreen, caps, umbrella, frisbee, bug spray, etc. Cold seasons: hats, gloves, scarfs, and well you get the idea. :) I absolutely love it! It leaves more space in our other cabinets/closets and puts all those random things all in one place! :) Maybe this will change once we have kids which begins this fall with baby #1 due Sept 25th. :) But we are living in a 3-bedroom apartment and it works great! Someday we can change that basket to a wonderful organization that I like to call Mud Room! :)


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