DIY Mod Podge Letters

These are so much fun, and so dang cute I can't help myself! The possibilities are honestly endless with mod podge and scrapbook paper! I decided to try (first time ever owning a can of mod podge-hello!) to do some wood letters. I bought an X and O from Michaels, along with some cute scrapbook paper. I have to say it went fantastic...so back I went to Michaels because I had to do more!!! This time I grabbed some photos to share with you all in case you would like to give this a try!  So sit back and enjoy the mod podge fun!

Items you will need:
Wood Letters ($3.22 each)
Scrapbook paper (your choice)(.25 each)
Mod Podge($6.00)
Foam Brush(.39)
Black Paint (if you want to do the distress look)(.59)
Sand Paper(I had)
Scissors(I had)

Total Cost of project for me was about $20.00

First grab all your goodies!

Now pick out which scrapbook paper you would like to use for your "L"
Place the paper print side down, grab your "L" and make sure you place it so when you flip the paper around your "L" will be going the right direction. Once you are certain, trace your letter.

Here is your traced letter! Now grab your scissors

Now, when you start cutting your letter, take note that I didn't cut right on the line. You want to cut a little more on the inner side of the pencil line, this will help your  paper letter fit better on the wood.

Now place your cut out paper letter back on your wood. Trim as necessary.

Just so you know.... this is OK! That is what's so fantastic about this project! You can't mess up so have fun with it!

Alright, crack open that mod podge and work it! Amazed how little of this stuff you actually use! I am thinking my jar will last me many months! Now that you are all mod podged up, slap that paper letter on!

And...Check that Beaut out! Press down hard and make sure it is smooth all the way to the edges! Let that baby dry for about 15-20 mins!  

Now grab your O.V.E. Letters and do the same for them.

Eeekkk! How cute are they!?
OK, next get out your sandpaper.

Sand your little heart out! Rough those edges up!

I personally like the look of some black paint on the edges, so I went with it. (Water it down a bit)

I tried it first with a paint brush and felt like I had no control! So I chucked that bad boy and went with my controlled finger!

Get that HOT Mod Podge back out, because it has one more date with our letters! After that last layer just let them dry and that's all! Pretty easy right? And so cute!

I made these for my Great friend Colleen! She is having a birthday soon!

Remember I said the possibilities are endless? I also created one for my friend who just had a baby! I made an "S" for Sofia. I can't wait to deliver that one in exchange for some Sofia Snuggles!

Well that's a wrap! And in short- I Love me some Mod Podge!


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  1. You are so stinkin cute-Amber

  2. These letters are so darling! I found your blog from a link on our facebook page and I am so glad that I did because I have ALWAYS wondered how to do the dark paint around the edges to give it that distressed look! I had no idea that you watered down the paint! I am totally doing that. Also, we are your newest followers on Facebook. :) We have a link party every weekend and we would love to have you come share this (and anything else!). Have a great night!

  3. Thank you Amber! I am having too much fun over here!

  4. Camille-Thank you very much! Here is my RSVP for your Link party ;) I am so there! Also, thanks for all the follows-you guys are awesome over there at Six Sisters Stuff! See ya at the party!

  5. So adorable! And loving the step by step directions. I would make them, but I don't have to, I'm Colleen :-) Thanks again.

  6. Cute Jen! I got all my stuff tonight at Hobby Lobby to do mine!

  7. Colleen, You are so welcome my friend! Happy you love them!

    Whoohoo Jenni!! Now you got the step by step! Can't wait to see yours!

  8. Look at you go Friend. I'm so glad that I sent you those pictures! You are rockin it out Love. I promise I will go to our wood place tomorrow, I want to get you a couple things! I have been swamped at work this week and have not a chance to make it over there. I'm going to go tomorrow (cause its my day off) or i will go tonight on my way home if i get out of here before they close. I love you Mama

  9. OK so its ME Andrea as the Anonymous. hahahaha

  10. Andrea, yes I in in love with the mod podge! Thanks for the inspiration!! And thanks for getting me some supplies for more projects- you are the best! xo

  11. Love it!! so cute maybe going to do this i get in trouble at Hobby Lobby that's my favorite craft store we have many others but that's the main one I go to.

  12. You will love it-and I promise it is so easy and will open your mind to many more fun projects! I hear ya on the Hobby Lobby trouble-I as well, love it all too much!

  13. I'm looking forward to my birthday already!!! or mother's day.....

  14. They look great! Thanks so much for sharing at my party!

  15. I love these sooo much. So cute. Thanks for being my new follower :) You are too sweet. I am now your newest follower.So fun.

  16. They really do look great, the black around the edges adds so much to them! I especially love that you were willing to get your fingers dirty for them to look great! Visiting via The Creative Spark

  17. Those look great! Love the "S" especially...great paper choice, and what a thoughtful gift! I am so glad you shared at Shine on Fridays!

  18. Cah-Ute! So I have everything on hand but letters!! Whoohoo! Hoblob here I come! I'd love it if you'd swing by and share this at my party on Tuesday :-)

  19. Very cute, a great project to do with Sara over Christmas break. See you in Vegas!

  20. I am a Mod Podge lover. I have been using it for years. This was a cute project you showed us. Your directions are so clear and easy to follow. I like the way you packaged the LOVE letters for your friend. Over from Kathe's. Blessings

  21. Ummmm, oh yes I can mess this up. I don't have a good history with mod podge (head bowed in shame). You rocked it though...good job! I really like the black paint to highlight the edges. BTW, my name begins with S too so you can just send that one over here :)

    Shasta @InTheOldRoad


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