Chinese New Year Celebration

Ni Hao - pronounced knee how- translates to HELLO in Chinese!

 My kids were very confused with the "set up" at the dinner table when they came home from school yesterday.
~Dragons, China, Lanterns and Fortune Cookies isn't exactly how we Do dinner here~

Join us as we show you how we celebrated Chinese New Year 2012!


Grab your goods and have your kids paint these guys up! Use whatever you would like for eyes (I had buttons) Make sure you get that FIRE BREATHING Tongue glued on as well! (I made mine with red felt)

Such a great quick craft- that the kids LOVE, and adds some HOT fun to your table! Thank you Mom's Crafty Space for the awesome idea!

Moving on:  Fortune Cookies! My kids didn't actually like these fake felt fortune cookies-they wanted the real deal! But I think they made for a fun time! (And I love the fact that they can be used again and again)

Sorry the picture isn't the best.. but you get the idea. Trace out some circles.

And cut them on out! Next grab your glue gun

Now drop some glue in the center of the circle

 Fold your circle in half and pinch/gather the center (trying to form a fortune cookie shape)

This is your finished fortune cookie...now for the fortunes. I googled "fortune cooke sayings for kids" A whole bunch came up-too fun! Print those babies out, cut them out and stuff them in leaving a little hanging out.

Take a little drop of glue to close.

Easy, Fun-your all Done!

Just around the corner: FIRECRACKERS! BAM!

Let's get Crackin'

See that paper inside? I decided to put in a fun fact of Chinese New Year to teach the boys more about it. I found a great FACT SHEET that I printed up and put in our "firecrackers"

Take your tissue paper and roll roll roll

I just printed off 2012, glued him right on! Then just tie it up with whatever you have! So simple!

I placed the firecracker on the plate- thought it looked purdy! And Check out those Plates huh! (Love my Grandma for giving me her China) They even look kind of Chinese aye? Humor me! ;)

And put it all together..and what do you have:

Although I didn't plan our menu for this special occasion - pork chops. We did have RICE! :) We had a wonderful night laughing and learning traditions that are practiced during Chinese New Year! 

Thanks for hanging with me, I am so thrilled to add this fun meal to our every year celebrations!

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  1. WOW Jen!! You have been busy! What cute crafty projects you've posted!! You are awesome! Your boys are the luckiest!! I am still not on facebook!! Can I hold out any longer? You are making it pretty tough, LOL. Love you guys!!

  2. As someone that appreciates a nice tablescape, I love yours!! So much fun and love went into creating yours! Love the creativity. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I hope to see you again soon!

  3. WOw...this is adorable...My Eli would love this! Thanks for stopping by my place today. I just became your newest follower and I am going to be pinning and RTing this all.day. its so cute

  4. So fun! My kids would love to do this. They are just happy when they get the red envelopes!

  5. I love the cute crafts you did!
    Laurie :)

  6. Oh I love it! We've never actually done anything for this, but posts like yours are making me wish we did! You must be so much fun to live with! Thanks for linking up to my party!

  7. Such fun ideas!! I'm always in the market for fun kiddo crafts! Thanks for linking at Shine on Fridays!


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