3 weeks of Bliss!

Christmas Break was a fantastic three weeks! They were full of P.J. Days, baking, wrapping presents, video gaming, RACKO, movie nights, slumber parties, bike riding, ice skating, sleeping in, Dentist Cleanings, Christmas Celebrations and New Years! The alarm went off this morning and I have to say... it was very tough to roll out of bed to get those boys off to school. We are all counting down the days to Summer Break!
Ice Skating in Old Town with the Watermans!
Derek got the hang of it!
Aaron gives it a two thumbs up!
Mom and Derek
Mason working the rink!
 Ending our fun day at the one and only... In-N-Out!

Derek got an A+ at his check up from the Dentist! (Not sure how he pulled that one off.. the kid lives off of fruit snacks and oreos!)

Christmas came so fast! I did all my shopping on Amazon and LOVED it! We had a Christmas Weekend, starting Friday with my side of the family. We played some great games, ate yummy food and enjoyed watching eachother open up gifts.
 Swing Rodulphs nose onto your nose!
 Aaron got it!
 Don't Eat Santa!
 Christmas Story time with Papa
Marrs Boys 2011

Next stop... Aunt Janet's House with the Marrs! We feasted on Tamales, Chili, Corn Bread and lots of desserts! Another great night celebrating with our family, loved every second of it!
 Grandma and Pops with the Boys
 Great Grandma and the kiddos
 Bryan and I
Grandma and D!

Christmas Eve came, tossed out the reindeer food, got santa his cookies and tucked those eager boys to bed! I tried a new breakfast dish this year and I had to prepare it in the crock pot and it was supposed to cook all night. Great, Fantastic-- but the smell of yumminess kept waking me up throughout the night. And really bummer, the dish smelled wayyyy better then it tasted. Oh well! Christmas morning came way to fast- those eager boys were up at 6:30!....down the stairs we came:

 Ready to Open!
 Derek really wanted a yellow submarine- Santa came through!
 Mason asked Santa for a Docking Station- Got it!
 Aaron and his sweet new ride!
This was the first year we spent Christmas Day at home enjoying one another! It was a great day indeed, just relaxing and watching the kiddos play with all their new goodies.. p.j.s all day..and I even made a yummy delish dinner..busting out my China and all! We had a great Christmas weekend!


New Years Eve we spent with some great famlies! We celebrated East Coast New Years, and I have to admit we were back home by 10:30pm, and I was in bed by 11pm! Party Animal aye?!?!
 All The Kiddos! With Blowers!! AHHH!!!!

We had a wonderful break, full of lots of great memories! Thanks for hanging in there with me on this crazy long post!

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