And the Game Winning Ball goes to...


A couple weeks back Derek was jumping for joy and sleeping with his game winning ball. His coach gives out a ball to the best/hard playing player for that game. Here is how it went:

Derek skipping up to bat (with back pocket turned out) just looking as cute as can be.
Coach- "ok Derek, now watch the ball." (throws the ball)
Derek- a swing.. and a miss.
Coach- "ok Derek, now watch the ball really good. (throws the ball)
Derek- a fast swing, a twirl, and bummer.. a miss.
Coach- "ok Derek, this is your last ball.. you gotta hit this one. Stop looking at your shadow and really focus on the ball, your going to get it"
Derek- Slams the ball to 3rd base, and he starts skipping all the way to 1st!

Now on Defense.
Derek grabbed the ball many times and made really good plays. Threw it to First Base, even got it and went to home to tag players out.

We love going to his games, they are full of great laughs and many smiles.
Way to go D, and Congrats!!

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  1. Super cute!! I wish we could go to a game! You will have to tell him we are excited for him. It will be fun when Jacks can play, I have a feeling he will love it.

    So sorry to hear about Taylor, that is super tough. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers. Hopefully she will pull through. Keep us posted.


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