Earth to Planet Marrs.

No really. It's us. Marrs Clan. We are still on the Earth, I know it's been awhile just 3 years. What's that? You want to know the new Haps? Ok... so you don't want to know my long list of why I couldn't keep up with my blog. (sigh) oh good.

I would love to report that the Marrs are still in Temecula, CA and there are no new additions to the family except 2 hermit crabs. Here is what the boys have been up to these days.

Aaron does Tae Kwon Do 7 days a week and is training for the Jr. Olympics that he will be competing in the end of June! We can't wait to cheer him on!

Mason is totally ripping it up on the Baseball Fields these days. Hitting doubles and playing 2nd base! Future TVHS Baseball Player... just sayin'

Oh D. (Derek) He started T-Ball this season and loves it! He is the one with the back pocket inside out, and hat on backwards. This lil guy makes me laugh so much!

Well, there you have it.. pretty much up sums up my M-F job--these boys! Wouldn't trade it for any job in the world! I am very excited to start my blog up again, and have been enjoying looking at other blogs for new recipes and decor ideas. So, stayed tuned as I will post my fun findings for you all as well!

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  1. Hooray!!! The Blog is back! I LOVE being able to see pics of your cute family! The boys are keeping you super busy it looks like, but lots of fun I am sure.

    We are planning a visit down there the end of July, we are so excited!

    Tell all your boys hi for us!!


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