My mother in law and I have been chatting over this Dave guy and his great tackle to money management. I am one of those Money Nazi's (as my husband would say)..and like to know where my money is going at All Times!

Savings? Is this even possible with a family of 5 and one income? I would try my hardest to put money in that stinking savings account.. then to find myself pulling it out the next week to pay bills. Well enough is enough! I found this easy little "Baby Step Plan"
by this Dave Dude and I am totally sticking! (well I just started today-- but I am pretty hard headed when it comes to this budget stuff (hence the no savings)... haha)ok, but really, I WANT to do this!

This is where I am at:

Step one--- complete
Step two---- list is made and sticking up next to my bill station and I will use any extra money to pay down the 1st debt on my list all the way down to the 6th! Can't wait to start Crossing those babys off!!!

Anyways, there is my Money Plan 101 lesson for this Friday- Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Dave Ramsey is a smart guy. Aren't budgets hard? I can stick to a budget really well,...until I go to the mall, or get one of those dang coupons in my inbox. And then everything is getting more and more expensive!!! Gas and groceries, oh my!

    Good for you on trying this. Markham and I have committed to save too. I have it all hammered out on paper and am determined to see it through.

    Let's hold each other to it!

    love ya!

  2. Oh...they are hard. Looks so easy on paper but yes sticking to them is tough. I hear ya on the everything is so expensive these days.. its crazy. I wish you luck in your plan.. we CAN do this!! XO


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