Blogging Fool!

I have been a google blogging fool these last couple of days. There is sooo much fun things to do to these Blogs! I got rid of my "blog navigation bar", gave myself a nice fresh (cutsie) signature, oh my "post divider".... so much fun!! I even got into that scary html template and removed those ugly annoying dashing borders.. (only took me half the day to figure out).. but hey- Done! I just find the days passing me away while I sit here and play! What's that? oh.. the boys? I think they are here somewhere-- oh no, my cell alarm reminder (must have these days) just told me that they will be out of school in 20 mins. Derek... oh he is just eating 7 fruit roll ups and running around in his underwear. I got it under control! Tomorrow is Friday..whoohoo!
..Check out that signature! so cute!--->

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