Guess who's back!

I almost thought of deleting my blog, because I feel so bad when I don't update it.. but I thought--Nope get busy Jen!! So this post may be a lil crazy and random, seeing how I have not posted anything in like forever-- so enjoy!

Boys will be Boys

Halloween 2008!

Bryan and I enjoyed a nice Kid Free 10 year anniversary weekend up in Big Bear.

We stayed in these cute theme rooms for couples only, and had a great view from our deck. We ate great yummy food, and went on a 2 hour horseback ride, it was so pretty!


  1. Marrs fam bam is one good looking group!!! Love you all- mom

  2. HOORAY! New Post, New Post!! I am glad you have decided to keep it up, it is so fun to see what you guys are up to. We loved seeing you guys over Christmas! Tell the boys Kaity says hi!


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