Looks like all our praying paid off! I am beyond excited to announce that Bryan is working in San Deigo for the next two months!! This is soo fantastic, we will get to see dad every night!! I do have to say I am not excited for the following:

1.getting up at 4:30 am to make his coffee and lunch again!

2.having to Actually cook a dinner- no more mac and cheese and dino bites!

3.having the tv on to fall asleep

4.having to give up "my" nights!

All in all, I am so happy that he will be home, most importantly it is so great for the boys to have there dad back again!! Wish me luck it will be an adjustment! haha!




  1. Yip-eeee!! This is such great news!! How nice to have him back :) I can totally relate to the things that will change! I go through that every time we survive a tax season, except the waking up at 4:30am part ;)

  2. Yeah! It is so nice to have your other half back home. It gets so lonely sometimes! Steve's schedule has recently changed, for the better, and I am so glad! No more over night calls or really late nights! That stinks that you have to get up at 4:30 though! Do you go back to bed?! For the cooking part, if you need any good dinner ideas, try allrecipes.com. I get everything from there now because everyone rates the recipes and you know it's good if it has 300 people giving it 5 stars. And, you can add it to your own recipe box and have it forever. Then eventually you create your very own customized recipe book through the site. Pretty cool! I'm hooked! (sorry for the spiel if you already use the site!) Anyway, congrats again on having Bryan back home!


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