We love it when Dad is home!

Our time with Dad is very special!
Derek getting a ride on the scooter from Dad! Derek kept saying "WEEEEEEEEEE" the whole time.

Derek loves digging! The dirt has been so hard, so Dad took the boys to Walmart and got a nice turtle sandbox! Derek is in Heaven!!

Can't for get Buster. He misses Bryan so much during the week, Bryan has started calling him "shadow" when he is home. Buster just never gets off his heels!

We all love our special time with Dad. We can't wait for the day when he comes home everynight again. The boys and I say Thank you Dad for all your hard work for us. We love you so much, your the best!


  1. I love to see pics of your boys!! What a fun sand box!!! Derek is getting so big!!! I can't wait for the cousins to be able to play together in May!!

  2. Isn't that sandbox the best ever! Lissa has one too and loves it! Where is Bryan during the week? I totally know how you feel about loving the moments you get to spend with your husband! Steve is gone so much too, but it will all end soon! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Woo hoo!


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