Im feeling so lucky!

I am the luckiest mom to have three WONDERFUL BOYS (not bragging here just stating the facts)

First off we have Aaron, who will be 9 in MARCH!! are you kidding me? AH! Aaron is doing so well in school, and is loving cubscouts and will be playing baseball here in a couple of weeks! Can't forget about the video games though... my my... and the computer... I think he is better at the computer then me!! wow!

Mason is the middle guy! Mason is still, well, lets see how to put this... we have not cut the cord yet.. he is still attached to me. Although he is doing much better I have to say, he is still my shy guy. He just turned 5 and will be going to school.....if we can learn to cut the cord, this fall! He is also playing baseball, and really is just the natural athlete of the fam! (must take after his mom)

Then we have double d's..... derek, who we call DeeDee. Where to begin with mr. D!? 18 months old and full of his own attitude. Let's just say, he saves me lots of money, because I am not able to go into any store without him throwing a major embarrasing blood screaming fit. He does not like to be strapped into anything.... he wants to be free and run like a wild man. I hope this will pass soon, and please... Already get your teeth in!!!! your killing me D! When he isn't teething and throwing a fit, he is the sweetest lil man.

The cutest boys ever! Love them all!


  1. I love this post!! What cute boys you have. I can't believe how much older Mason and Derek look!! WOW!! Tell them we say hello and send our kisses and hugs!

  2. Maybe Hallmark will start selling little "MArrskins" and we can play games with them on the computer!!! Love those handsome grandboys!!

  3. I'm so glad I saw this...so darn cute, and I love their names Jen. They really have grown since then. Really cute family!!


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